Great Lakes Climate Change

Responding to Information About Climate Change:
Management of Environmental Uncertainty and Risk by Organizations in the Great Lakes Region.

News and Upcoming Events

Apr 19 Link to the IJC Climate Change and Water Quality report added to the links section. 
Apr 18 Jack and Harry's EnSPIRE presentation is available under Working Notes
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Mar 14 Access to certain documents is now restricted to group members 
Mar 10 Next meeting is Friday 3/11, 12:00-1:30 
Feb 21 Meeting minutes, summary and list of questions added to Working Notes. 
Feb 18 Group meeting, 12:00-1:30. 
Feb 16 Minutes from Jan 21st meeting posted to Working Notes. 
Jan 20 Documents for the 1/21 meeting have been added to Working Notes
Oct 13 Alternate bibliography listed by name now available. 
Oct 6 New link below from Lisa: Woods Hole site on abrupt climate change 
Oct 5 Updated list of questions posted under Working Notes


Advocacy Groups Chair: Sarah 
Information Producers Chair: Harry 
Information Users Chair: Pete 
Policy Processes Chair: Jack 
Role of the Media Chair: Mark 


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Contact Information Names, addresses and phone numbers. 

Abstracts and Bibliography

Abstracts, by posting date List divided into two-week blocks. 
Abstracts, recent New or updated since January 1st 
Abstracts, all All abstracts 
Bibliography, by topic Links and references to related work. 
Bibliography, by author Alternate listing by author. 


EnSPIRE Proposal
NSF Documents and RFPs
IAGLR Conference Correspondence


Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Program
Part of the the Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network (C-CIARN). The project database is particularly useful.
EnSPIRE Web Site
Great Lakes Regional Climate Change Assessment
A study sponsored by the EPA and USGCRP.
Great Lakes Research Consortium
IJC Report on Climate Change and Water Quality
Tyndall Centre
Woods Hole Abrupt Climate Change Page
A good overview of literature on climate change impacts for society and simple but informative background explanations for potential scenarios of climate change. [LVA]
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