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These materials are under development and very preliminary.  If this is your first visit, a good place to start is topic TD-101 under "Tools": it provides instructions. Also, please note that for now these are all supplemental exercises: they assume you're familiar with certain key concepts covered in class. 


TD Documentation 
TD-101 Instructions 


MD Demand 
MD-101 Deriving demand from willingness to pay 
MD-151 Deriving a market demand curve with heterogeneous buyers 
MD-201 Computing a demand elasticity from an equation 
MD-255 Computing a change in consumer surplus 
MS Supply 
MS-101 Deriving supply from willingness to accept 
MS-151 Deriving a market supply curve with heterogeneous sellers 
MS-255 Computing a change in producer surplus 
ME Equilibrium 
ME-101 Finding a market equilibrium  
ME-251 Computing social surplus at a market equilibrium  
MT Taxes 
MT-101 Computing an equilibrium quantity with a tax  
MY Subsidies 
MY-101 Computing an equilibrium quantity with a subsidy  


CI Intertemporal 
CI-351 Present value of a delayed infinite stream 
CI-401 Present value of a finite stream 
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