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Additional Information

This page provides information about how to use these exercises. 

If you're using a device with a large screen there will be arrows in the lower left corner of the viewer frame to let you step forward and backward.  If your device supports it, there may also be buttons in the upper right corner that let you use full screen or projection mode (full screen without the control frame), or let you scroll through a color PDF of the whole exercise. 

If you're using a device with a small screen, such as a phone, the frame might not have navigation buttons.  In that case, you can tap on the middle of the viewer to make left and right arrow buttons appear in the frame.

If you'd prefer to watch a video or just want a simple, printable PDF, click on the "Video" (when available) or "Plain PDF" links above the viewer.  The plain PDF is black and white and paged conveniently for printing.

Different formats work better for people with different goals and learning styles. Feel free to use these materials in whatever way works best for you!

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