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Trello Updates

Starting in the fourth week of the semester, you’ll use an web-based project management tool called Trello to help keep your project on track, and to keep me up to date on what you're doing. We’ll go over the basics of using it in class. At that time, you’ll receive an email from with a subject line like “Pete Wilcoxen (@petewilcoxen) invited you to join the board [...] on Trello". There will be a link inviting you to view the board and either log in (if you already have a Trello account) or create a new account. After that, you’ll be able to get back to the board by going to the URL Accounts on Trello are free.

Starting on date indicated on the main class web page, please update your Trello board each week prior to Friday's class. For the first week, do the following:

  1. Add at least 3 cards to the "New" list. These should be new steps you've taken since the previous week, or steps you are planning to take in the future. If you've already acted on the card, please add a comment explaining the outcome but leave it in the New column until after class, even if you've finished it.

For subsequent weeks, please do the following:

  1. Move the existing cards in the New list to one of the other lists. If you haven't taken any action on the card yet, put it in "Pending". If you've taken some action on it, add a brief comment summarizing the outcome and put the card in one of the remaining columns.
  2. Add comments to any other cards you worked on since the previous class and move them to new columns, if appropriate.
  3. Add at least 3 new cards to the New list. As before, add comments to any cards you've already acted on but leave them in the New column until after class.

Trello will be easiest to use and most helpful if you use specific, granular tasks that have definite outcomes rather than broad sweeping tasks with no clear endpoint. For example, “find and read 3 articles on X” is much better than “research X”. The same is true for contacting individuals: “talk to person Y about issue Z” is more useful than “talk to person Y”.

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