Notes on migrating from Unix to Windows 95/NT

Unix command line programs
  University of Texas port of GNU programs to NT 3.51 (free)
    Includes most GCC and most other GNU shell programs. Some programs, including man, require files to be stored in a /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/man, /usr/local/lib structure.
  Cygnus GNU-Win32 project (free)
    One of the best-known efforts to port gcc and other GNU tools to win32. Some ported programs appear to have bugs, however: diff and cksum produce incorrect results on some large binary files.
  GNU project itself
    No official Windows support yet but there is a book+cd in the works.
  Links and resources
    Virtual Unix, New England NT Users Group
  Commercial products
    OpenNT, MKS
NFS software
  Hummingbird NFS Maestro (commercial)
  Netmanage Chameleon (commercial)
  Samba (free)
    An alternative to NFS that allows Unix machines to serve file systems to Windows clients using the SMB protocol that is built into Windows.
Windows to Unix printing
    Built into NT but not installed by default. Install by opening the Network control panel, click on the Services tab, and click on the Add button. Then select "Microsoft TCP/IP Printing". Once installed, add printers by opening the "Add Printer" dialog, select "My Computer" NOT network printer server, then "Add Port", then select "LPR Port" and click on "New Port", and then fill in the blanks for the server name and printer names. Finally, click "Close" and you'll then be returned to the "Add Printer" dialog and you'll be able to select the new port.
    Requires NFS and is included with most NFS clients.
X servers
  MI/X (free)
    Free X server produced by MicroImages. Comes with twm. Runs most generic X programs such as xterm, xclock. Also runs netscape and etherman. Must add lucida fonts to run OpenWindows software (including xmenubar and crtool). Fonts can be found in /usr/local/X/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/; instructions on the MI/X FAQ page explain how to add them. Does NOT run vcr -- MI/X crashes (under NT, at least).
  Commercial products
    eXceed (from Hummingbird), Chameleon (from Netmanage)