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PPA 690 Energy Policy Workshop

General Information About the Course

These links are related to a graduate-level independent study class on energy, energy markets, and energy policy in the spring of 2007. 


Listed below are PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations made in class. They are in chronological order.

Overview of Coal in the United States
Geoff Bromaghim
Overview of Electric Power Generation in the United States
Sarah Jones
Overview of Oil in the United States
Jonathan Fernandez
Overview of Natural Gas in the United States
Pete Wilcoxen
Brief History of the Oil Industry
Geoff Bromaghim.
Oil Exploration
Sarah Jones
Oil Production
Jonathan Fernandez.
Oil Trading
Pete Wilcoxen
The Geopolitics of Non-OPEC Oil Production
Geoff Bromaghim
Natural Gas and Geopolitics
Sarah Jones
Buildings and Energy
Geoff Bromaghim
Soft Energy Paths
Geoff Bromaghim.
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