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Federal Government

These are some of the federal agencies that hire economists. Many others do as well.

Cabinet-level departments and agencies

Department of Agriculture  
Department of Commerce  
Department of Energy  
Department of Health and Human Services  
Department of Homeland Security  
Department of Housing and Urban Development  
Department of Justice  
Department of Labor  
Department of State  
Department of the Interior  
Department of the Treasury  
Department of Transportation  
Environmental Protection Agency  
Office of Management and Budget  

Smaller agencies and offices within cabinet departments

Bureau of Economic Analysis  
Bureau of Labor Statistics  
Census Bureau  
Central Intelligence Agency  
Congressional Budget Office  
Congressional Research Service  
Energy Information Administration  
Federal Reserve Board of Governors  
Federal Trade Commission  
General Accountability Office  
Internal Revenue Service  
Peace Corps  
Securities and Exchange Commission  
USDA Economic Research Service  

National labs

Argonne National Laboratory  
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
National Renewable Energy Laboratory  
Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
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