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Maxwell Climate Change Workshop

This information is from an informal workshop held in the fall of 2011.

General Information



1. Presentation 1
Background information on emissions, concentrations and energy units. We covered pages 1-26 on September 20. This version has been corrected and now has the missing slide on GWP.
2. Presentation 2
The US energy sector and sources of carbon dioxide emissions. We covered through page 13 on October 4.
3. Overall US energy flows
Color handout from October 4 showing the US energy sector from source to use.
4. Energy and carbon flows
Black and white handout from October 4 showing energy sector details.
5. Presentation 3
The US energy sector and sources of carbon dioxide emissions, part 2. We covered pages 14-41 on Oct 18.


IPCC AR4 Synthesis Report
This link is to the Summary for Policy Makers.
New Yorker article on the Kerry-Graham-Lieberman bill
A behind the scenes look at how the bill failed.
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