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ECN 431 Public Economics

This information is for Spring 2005.

General Information About the Course

General Information, Textbook and Requirements
General information you may need at the beginning of the semester.
Course Schedule
The list of the topics to be covered in class this semester. The relevant chapters of the textbook are indicated for each one.



Solution Keys


Review Sheet for the Final
Topics we covered during the semester.
Oil Market Information
Graphs of oil prices and information about the sources and uses of oil in the US.
Historical Energy Consumption in the US
A link to a page with the graph discussed in class on 4/20.
Article about the Living Waters Catfish Farm
The Edwards aquifer in central Texas.
Examples from Class
Links to spreadsheets and powerpoint files.
Web Notes
Notes supplementing the textbook on key topics.
Email Questions and Answers
Selected questions sent in by email, with answers.
Previous Exams
Exams from previous semesters. Note that the final exam is not cumulative: it covers only the second half of the semester.
Oil Trader
Link to the Oil Trader arbitrage simulation game.
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