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Demand, Supply and Markets

Problems on demand, supply, market equilibrium, consumer surplus, producer surplus, deadweight loss and efficiency.
Basic Skills
Practice solving for a market equilibrium or calculating consumer surplus, producer surplus, tax or subsidy revenue, and deadweight loss. These are pure math problems: they do not involve real world applications.
Cross Subsidies in Two Hypothetical Markets
A practice problem on cross-subsidies.
Cross-Subsidies in Local Telephone Service
Telephone service prior to deregulation in the 1980's.
Effect of an Oil Import Tariff
Examines the short-term effects using data for 2005.
Federal Work-Study Program
The effects on local labor markets.
OPEC Price Increase
Using methods from class to do a quick analysis of the US oil market.
Pizza Market
Demand, supply and taxes.
Property Tax Exemption for Homeowners
A qualitative analysis of the New York state STAR program.
Seattle Espresso Tax
Back of the envelope analysis of the Starbucks tax recently rejected by Seattle voters.
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