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PAI 690 Economics Workshop

These links are related to a graduate-level independent study class on microeconomics in the spring of 2013.

General Information About the Course

Office: 426 Eggers 
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00-11:30, or by appointment. 
Email: wilcoxen at 
Time: Thursdays 3:30-5:30 
Location: 341 Eggers 


Jan 11 There is now a mailing list for the group. 


Exercise 1 Due 1/31. Designing a testing plan for a brownfield. 


Jan 17 Course organization; decision making with imperfect information. 
Jan 24 Uncertain policies; credibility and incentives; dynamic programming. 
Jan 31 Time consistency; irreversibility; option value. 
Feb 14 Risk aversion; expected utility; risk premium; certainty equivalent; risk sharing; participation constraints. 
Feb 28 Principal-agent problem; incentive compatibility. 
Mar 1 Bargaining; loss aversion. 
Mar 7 Signalling; NIMBY problem; dominant strategy; Nash equilibrium. 
Mar 28 Prisoners dilemma; multiple equilibria; dissipation of rents; competition in location; voting.  
Apr 4 Median voter model; dominance solvable games; mixed strategies; sequential games; burning money. 


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