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Computational General Equilibrium

Please note that this page is under construction. An earlier version called A Quick Reference Guide to CGE Modeling is also available.
What Is a CGE Model?
There is no single definition but this page discusses a number of key characteristics generally shared by CGE models.
Model Design
How to design an appropriate model for a given task. Choosing the number and type of agents; modeling the behavior of households and firms.
Data and Parameterization
Estimating the values of behavioral parameters.
Solution Methods
Numerical methods and software for solving large general equilibrium models.
Verifying that a new model is working correctly.
Demonstration Models
Examples of small models used to illustrate particular interactions or principles.
Production Models
Links to information about some actual models used for policy analysis.
Conducting Simulations
Design of policy simulations and analysis of model results. Explaining results intuitively; avoiding circular explanations.
Confidence Intervals
Computing confidence intervals for CGE results.
Survey of Applications
A collection of references to papers using CGE models. Topics include: public finance; energy and environmental policy; international trade; regional analysis; economic history.
General References
Useful references on intertemporal optimization, numerical methods and differential equations.
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