PAI 789 Advanced Policy Analysis

Guidelines for Presentations

The core goal of the assignment is to have you practice preparing a concise and compelling talk that isn't just a mind-numbing series of bullet points. To that end, here are some important guidelines:

  1. Your talk should be no more than 5 minutes (excluding questions, which will be at the end).
  2. Use no more than 10 slides (or equivalent if you use something other than PowerPoint).
  3. The first slide should consist of the title, your name, the date and a very short abstract.
  4. Use a minimum of bullet points (avoid completely if possible).
  5. The slides to show rather than tell: they should complement, not duplicate, what you’re saying.
  6. No complete sentences apart from the abstract unless you really need an actual quote.
  7. No slides with just text (tables are OK – they don’t count as just text, but see the next point and don't include more numbers than you need).
  8. No numbers that aren’t discussed in some way.
  9. Well-designed and labeled graphs are highly desirable.
  10. Annotated figures and illustrations are very good.
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