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  1. The cardinal rule of teleconferences: mute your microphone unless you're speaking.
  2. Upload a photo for when times when you have your video off.

Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

  1. Collaborate Ultra is browser-based and no downloaded software is needed.
  2. The best browser to use on Windows or MacOS is Chrome. Safari is required on iOS.
  3. Blackboard's Get Started with Collaborate Ultra page.
  4. How to join the course room or find a session recording.
  5. How to upload a photo to a Blackboard Collaborate room.
  6. Use the 'raise hand' feature to request an instructor to join a breakout room.

Using Zoom

  1. You'll need to set up an account with Zoom and download the client app.
  2. Download page for the Zoom client application.
  3. How to upload a photo to Zoom.
  4. Hold the space bar to unmute temporarily.
  5. Use the 'ask for help' feature to request an instructor to join a breakout room.

Working in Breakout Rooms

  1. Feel free to talk and share video with others in the group.
  2. See the tips above for information on requesting an instructor to join the room.

Working on Campus

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