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Revised Assignments and Grading

To accommodate the switch to online-only teaching during Spring 2020, the assignments and grading for the class will change as described below.

Changes in Assigments

Component Original Weight Revised Weight Changes in Structure
Exercises 60% 80% Fewer exercises and most will be computational.
Technical Memo 10% 0% Will not be given.
Individual Project 30% 20% Will be reconfigured as described below.

Revised Individual Project

The new version of the project is to build a well-documented public GitHub repository that could be cloned by someone else and used to carry out an analysis of your design. The repository should contain at least the following components:

The file (or additional Markdown or PDF files) should provide enough information that someone else could understand the purpose of the analysis and reproduce it from the underlying raw data. In particular, as a whole the documentation should: (1)  concisely explain the purpose of the analysis; (2) include instructions on how to obtain the original input data, such as where it can be downloaded or it should provide a script to download the data via an API; (3) explain what each script does and the order in which they should be run; and (4) explain any additional files provided in the repository.

The project will be graded on three criteria. Two are similar to those used for the exercises: correctness and clarity. Does it run without error and produce correct results? Is the code clear and the overall project well-documented? The third criterion can best be called technical merit. That's a catch-all term for whether the project does something particularly useful, challenging, interesting, or novel. Its purpose is probably clear: it's to encourage people to stretch themselves by ensuring that a challenging project can still receive a good grade even if it isn't as polished as it could be.

Project Due Date

The project will be due by 11:59 pm ET on Friday, April 24th.

As I mentioned in class, we'll have a virtual poster session during the last class on Monday, April 27th. Please send me the URL and a short abstract describing it (say a sentence or two) and I'll post both on the web for use during the poster session.

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