Power Plant Options (g07)


Spring 2022 PJW

Compute the NPV of several cash flows stored as text files.

import scipy.optimize as opt 
import npvtools as nt

#  Define a function to do all the work for a given file

def analyze(filename):

    #  Read the cash flow

    cashflow = nt.read_cashflow(filename,splitter=',')
    #  Compute its NPV at 5%

    npv = nt.npv(0.05,cashflow)/1e6
    #  Compute the IRR of the cash flow

    irr = opt.newton( nt.npv, 0.05, maxiter=20, args=[cashflow])*100
    #  Print all the results

    print(f"\nfile {filename}:")
    print(f"   NPV at 5% = ${round(npv,1)}M, IRR = {round(irr,1)}%")

    #  Return the NPV

    return npv

#  Call the function on each of the files.

files = ['std_notax.csv','std_tax.csv','std_ev.csv','ccs.csv']

for filename in files:

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