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Poster Session Schedule for Spring 2021

Here's the schedule for this year's presentations. Each will be 5 minutes long.

Monday, May 10

  1. Austin Scheibmeir
    The Impact of Population Growth on Racial Composition and Political Representation within Nine Texas Congressional Districts
  2. Christian Rodriguez
    Analysis of US Foreign Aid
  3. Beyza Gurler
    California Wildfire Analysis
  4. Drew Etheridge
    An Overview of the Areas Surrounding Remediation Sites within Onondaga County, New York
  5. Tessa Sontheimer
    The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Restaurants
  6. Abby Capella
    State Physical Education Requirements and Adolescent Health
  7. Matt Whitmoyer
    An Analysis of FEC Contributions to Candidate Committees in the 2020 Senate Elections, Specifically Focusing on Determining Trends in Four Highly-Publicized Races in KY, GA, SC, and AZ.
  8. Jonn Acoba
    The Link Between the Risk of Natural Disaster and Performance in Addressing Environmental Sustainability Issues Among 166 Countries
  9. Ainsley Schoff
    An Analysis of US Dairy Farms and Their Methane Emissions and the Potential Impact of Anaerobic Digesters
  10. Patrick Wickersham
    A simple package that analyzes solar PV and NRG storage technologies in NYS and the relation between the two
  11. Max Kent
    Mapping Access to Mobile and Fixed Broadband Sources at the Census Block Level in Onondaga County, NY
  12. Qasim Mehdi
    PM2.5 Exposure by Race

Wednesday, May 12

  1. Doug Eberly
    Identify Best NASA/SpaceX Dragon Splashdown Site
  2. Andrew Warren
    Where is the Black Homeownership Gap Closing in the U.S. ?
  3. Juliana Melara
    Assessing County Level Progress Toward "Herd Immunity" Against COVID-19
  4. Steph Potts
    Overpolicing in Chicago
  5. Nursultan Yeshmukhan
    Leveraging U.S. EIA Open Data to Investigate United States Natural Gas Consumption and Price Dynamics and Their Correlation
  6. Suraj Renganathan
    An Analysis of the Dissimilarity Index Levels of U.S Congressional Districts
  7. Ismail Ilsouk
    A Comparative Analysis Between Africa and Other Continents Using Covid-19 Statistics, Health Expenditure Data, World Population Data, and Covid-19 Vaccination Data to Investigate Africa’s Management of the Covid-19 Pandemic
  8. Ben Shultz
    Measuring and Comparing the Distance from the Population Centroids of Census Block Groups in Louisiana to Their Nearest Polling Place
  9. Eva Colon
    Trends in Marijuana Use from 2014 to 2019
  10. Elizabeth Selby
    Lead Pipes and Poverty in Indiana
  11. Rebecca Tapio
    Using New Mexico Wildfire, Watershed, and Demographic Data to Inform Adaptive Management
  12. Kyle Downey
    Analysis of Whether There Is an Association Between Income and Whether or Not a County Switches to Vote for Another Party
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