MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Feb 4

Classes that begin before 10:00 today are canceled due to the storm. To clear up any ambiguity, that applies to all of 401 today, even you if you're in a pod group that had a start time after 10:00. You do NOT need to be in class at your pod time no matter when it was scheduled.

That said, I'll be on campus and am very happy to meet with anyone who'd like to talk about their project. I'll be in my office in Eggers 426 and can meet in person or by zoom any time between 10:00 and 12:15. If you'd like to meet, just send me an email or an @ message in Teams to let me know the time.

As far as assignments go, please remember to send your regular weekly Teams updates on your own project. You do NOT have to submit pod updates for this week. Also remember that the draft ES is due next Wednesday night.

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Peter J Wilcoxen, The Maxwell School, Syracuse University
Revised 02/04/2022