PAI 789 Advanced Policy Analysis

Poster Session Schedule for Spring 2022

Here's the initial schedule for this year's presentations. You can swap times with someone else as long as they agree and you notify me by April 20 (a week before the first presentations).

Each presentation will be 4 minutes long, and there will be about 1 minute for switching speakers. There won't be time for questions, so treat it as a poster session where you tell people about the highlights of your project and they can ask you about the details later.

The finished version of this list will include titles and links to the GitHub repositories.

Wednesday, April 27

  1. Ulises Sepulveda
    Analysis of the Paycheck Protection Program PPP Loans for Small Business in New York City
  2. Izzy Getchell
    FEMA Individual Assistance Housing Registrants after Hurricane Irma
  3. Lida Menbaeva
    The Ukrainian War
  4. Katherine Maxwell
    Analyzing Participation in California's Paid Family Leave Program, and Exploring Opportunities for Outreach
  5. Kaleb Robertson
    The Impact of Cobalt Mines on the Wellbeing of DRC Communties
  6. Ethan Andrews
    Wind Power in the US: Generation vs. Capacity
  7. Shasha Pogon
    Utility Patents Distribution
  8. Sedrak Barseghyan
    The Analysis of the Employment Projections in the USA for 2030
  9. Graham Perner
    LA Cap and Trade
  10. Allison Small
    New Kent County Virginia Parcel Data
  11. Sofia Soto Reyes
    Vulnerable Populations & SLR in Miami-Dade County
  12. Michael Greenblatt
    Imperiled Species Worldwide
  13. Anna Lin
    Onondaga County Lead Violation Mapping
  14. Daisy Brown
    Investigating Flood Risk and Equity in North Carolina
  15. Ali Yusuf
    Sentiment Analysis for Policy

Monday, May 2

  1. Hae Won Chung
    The Effect of Natural Social Distancing in Covid-19
  2. Stephanie Hull
    Quality of Rental Units in Buffalo Neighborhoods
  3. Rami Jackson
    The Effect of Lynchings on Black Voter Registration
  4. Mary Rachel Keville
    Viability of Solar Farms in Rural Upstate NY
  5. Shannon Erickson
    US Honeybee Populations and Colony Collapse Disorder Stressors
  6. Jacqueline Witwicki
    Voting Coincidences in the United Nations General Assembly Over Time
  7. Camille Wathne
    An Analysis of Baltimore City's Response to Vacant Lots
  8. Samantha Polanco
    Covid-19 in India
  9. Brody Bailey
    Hospital Locations and Accident Outcomes in Utah
  10. Adam Goldstein
    ASEC Tool and Analysis
  11. Sahil Mammadli
    Waste Management Analysis
  12. Kayla Lennon
    Abortion Access and Social Indicators
  13. Jackson Doe-Mensah
    Forecasting Carbon Benefits/Demand for Wood Nanomaterials in Electric Vehicles
  14. Sam Riccio
    Decommissioning Coal Plants and the Health Impact on Environmental Justice Communities
  15. Kayla Johnson
    The Impact of U.S.-China Trade Wars on Wisconsin Agricultural Exports

Wednesday, May 4

  1. Bobbetta Davis
    Tree Abundance in New York State Counties
  2. Yvonne Yu
    Comparing Trends in Taiwanese Election and Democratization Data with U.S.-to-Taiwan Military Aid
  3. Hattie Hobart
    Analysis of the Jackson Hole Zoning and Housing
  4. Maggie Cherney
    Residential Solar in North Carolina: Supporting the Clean Energy Transition and Energy Justice
  5. Megan Joyce
    Pathway to Land Tract Evaluation with Regards to the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA)'s Scoping Plan
  6. Steven Lopez
    Correlation of Appropriate Safeguards for International Data Transfers in Android Applications and Compliance with the GDPR
  7. Brody Smith
    Mapping Rental Affordability in the US
  8. Jeremy Crimm
    Mapping Gentrification in Boston from 2010-2019
  9. Madi Diab
    Assessing Vulnerability in Conflict Area X
  10. Julia Stafford
    Proposed Expansion of Oregon's Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) Program
  11. Irv Gonzalez
    An Analysis of Epilepsy and Neurological Mortality
  12. Abdullah Ar Rafee
    Exploratory Analysis of Traffic Accidents in NYC
  13. Eli Marin
    Distribution of FEMA Assistance in Louisiana
  14. Fedor Sandakov
    Analysis of CSR jobs at
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