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Eco 359M Environmental and Resource Economics

General Information About the Course

Course content, prerequisites, textbook and grading  
Preliminary outline of course topics, brief version  
Preliminary outline of course topics, detailed version  
List of useful reference books and articles  
Additional information for graduate students  



1. Pizza Market  
2. Macrosoft  
3. Greenbelts  
4. Biodiversity  
5. Land Management  
6. Multiple Source Pollution  
7. Pollution Control under Uncertainty  
8. Risk Management  
9. Travel Cost  
10. Oil Trader  
11. Price Controls  
12. Backstops  

Hints and Handouts

Notes on key topics  
Exams from previous semesters  
Rules of differentiation  
About Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files  
Article about the Living Waters catfish farm  
Review sheet for the midterm  
Review sheet for the final  

Simulation Games

Macrosoft How to succeed as a monopolist. 
Oil Trader Get rich speculating in the oil market. 
Greater Tuna Managing a search fishery. 
Help! Why don't these games work on my computer? 

Information About Jobs and Internships

Summer Internships
A national directory of summer internships related to the enviroment is published several times a year by the Student Conservation Association.
Earth Work
If you're specifically interested in a job related to the environment you might want to get a copy of Earth Work, a monthly magazine listing jobs in conservation and environmental areas.
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