Policy Studies Program

Policy Studies Courses for Fall 2023

Here is the preliminary list of courses to be offered in the fall of 2023. Note that some courses have PST as their prefix and others have PAI. Courses numbered 300, 400, or 410 can be repeated when their topics vary.

Core Courses

  • PST 101.1: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy
  • Taught by Richard Barton on Mon, Wed and Fri 12:45-1:40 in Maxwell Auditorium. Develops research and problem solving skills to create government policies that address current social and economic problems facing the United States. Students study policy problems of their choice. 3 credits.

  • PST 101.2 and 101.3: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy, Honors
  • PST 101 for honors students. Meets with the regular PST 101 lecture on Mon, Wed and Fri 12:45-1:40 in Maxwell Auditorium but adds a discussion section taught by Bill Coplin on Mon 2:15-3:10 in Eggers 225B. 3 credits.

  • PST 110.1: Public Service Practicum
  • Taught by Michelle Walker on selected Tuesdays 5:00-6:20 in Maxwell Auditorium. Students investigate the societal issues affecting members of the Syracuse community by completing a 35 hour community service requirement, attending 5 class meetings to reflect on their experiences, and completing weekly journals and two paper assignments. 1 credit.

  • PAI 300.4: Economics for Policy Analysis
  • Taught by Pete Wilcoxen Tue & Thu 2:00-3:20 in 765 Irving Room 218. Covers core concepts in economics related to decision making and policy analysis. Can be substituted for ECN 101 or 102 in the core requirements for Policy Studies majors. 3 credits.

  • PAI 305: Policy Implementation
  • Taught by Zach Huitink on Tue & Thu 2:00-3:20 in Shaffer 205. Examines the tools governments use to implement public policy, and develops sought-after skills including implementation planning, project management, working effectively with outside organization and techniques for assessing how policies impact people and communities. 3 credits.

  • PST 315: Methods of Policy Analysis
  • Taught by Austin Zwick on Wed 2:15-5:00 online. Opportunity to develop competencies in the application of social science methods to public policy problems. Requires PST 101 and consent of the department. PST 110 and MAX 201 strongly recommended. 3 credits.

  • PST 410.2: Non-Profit and Government Agency Practicum
  • Taught by John McPeak on Mon 2:15-5:00 in 765 Irving Ave Room 220. Students develop skills and gain knowledge about organizations that influence and implement public policy. Students are placed in community agencies for about 100 hours of work or work in applied research projects conducted by faculty. Requires consent of the department. PST 315 strongly recommended. 3 credits.


  • PAI 300.2: Mental Health Policy
  • Taught by Michiko Ueda on Mon & Wed 12:45-2:05 in Maxwell 111. Addresses challenges related to mental health policies in the United States and explores policy reforms and intervention strategies to treat or prevent psychiatric illnesses, suicide and suicidal behavior, loneliness and social isolation, and opioid overdose and abuse. 3 credits.

  • PAI 300.4: Economics for Policy Analysis
  • Please see the entry in the Core Courses section.

  • PAI 338: US Intelligence Community
  • Taught by Robert Murrett on Mon & Wed 2:15-3:35 in Eggers 032. Meets with IRP 338. This course covers the structure and function of the U.S. intelligence community through a discussion of history, cases and methods, as well as writing and analytical skills needed for careers in intelligence community. 3 credits.

  • PST 365: Housing Policy
  • Taught by Paul Driscoll on Thu 5:00-7:45 in HL 211. Introduces housing policy at the federal, state and local level by looking at efforts in Syracuse to provide homeownership to the working poor and to improve the City’s housing stock. 3 credits.

  • PAI 400.2: Corporations and Sustainability
  • Taught by Jay Golden on Tue & Thu 9:30-10:50 in HL 421. Focuses on the role corporations play in global sustainability challenges including climate change, energy transitions, human rights, supply chains and environmental + social governance (ESG). Students work on projects addressing sustainability issues for corporations or government agencies. 3 credits.

  • PST 400.2: Introduction to Intelligence Analysis
  • Taught by Kris Patel on Tue & Thu 3:30-4:50 in Heroy 114. This course examines how government and private sector intelligence analysts apply structured analytic techniques to identify assess national security and foreign policy risks and trends. The course uses case studies and hands-on exercises to demonstrate how these techniques have been used to understand North Korean nuclear intentions, Russian offensive propaganda, the 2010 Arab Spring, and potential terrorist group activities. 3 credits.

  • PST 409: Intermediate Analysis of Public Policy
  • Taught by Richard Barton on Mon, Wed & Fri 11:40-12:35 in Maxwell 105. Introduces students to current public policy problems through a variety of research techniques. By invitation only. Requires consent of the department. 3 credits.

  • PST 416: Community Problem Solving
  • Taught by Bill Coplin, Wed 2:15-5:00 in Eggers 225B. Community-based course where students provide coaching on skills at various sites in Syracuse. Instructor consent required. 3 credits.

  • PAI 485: Follow the Money
  • Taught by Kris Patel , Tue & Thu 12:30-1:50 in Eggers 111. Examines how US government agencies--law enforcement, regulators, national security organizations, and the military--collaborate with international partners, non-profit organizations, and the financial industry to identify, assess, and combat financial crime threats, including money laundering, sanctions evasion, and human trafficking. 3 credits.

Other Courses

  • PST 100: Strategies for Career Success
  • Taught by Bill Coplin on Fri 11:40-12:35 in Maxwell Auditorium. Not open to Policy Studies majors. 1 credit.

  • PST 110.2: Discover the Entrepreneur Within
  • Whitman students only. Policy Studies majors should enroll in PST 110.1 instead.

  • PST 121: Leadership Practicum
  • Sadler Leadership Learning Community only.

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