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Poster Session Schedule for Spring 2023

Here's the initial schedule for this year's presentations. You can swap times with someone else as long as they agree and you notify me by April 19 (a week before the first presentations).

Each presentation will be 4 minutes long, and there will be about 1 minute for switching speakers. There won't be time for questions, so treat it as a poster session where you tell people about the highlights of your project and they can ask you about the details later.

The finished version of this list will include titles and links to the GitHub repositories.

Wednesday, April 26

  1. Tyler
    D.C. Historic Districts and Gentrification
  2. Madison
    Crop Variety Across India
  3. Shahzeb
    Exploring the Relationship between State-Level Policies and Carbon Emission Reductions
  4. Donel
    High School Students Retention Between Male & Females in the Upward Bound Program
  5. Nick
    Unpacking and Mapping Collaboration Data: Watershed Management in Oregon
  6. Nada
    Exploring the Determinants of Economic Growth in North Africa: An Analysis of Key Variables
  7. MP
    Analyzing Sewage Violation Demographics & Groundwater Quality in Suffolk County, NY
  8. Gabby
    NYC Restaurant Inspections
  9. Josie
    Micron's Influence on the Syracuse Property Market
  10. Rudy
    Climate Vulnerability
  11. Ayesha
    Obesity and Mortality in the United States: A Focus on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
  12. Rosalyn
    311: Analyzing Boston's Constituent Service Center
  13. Carmen
    Use and management of water, energy and solid waste in Ecuador
  14. Ricky
    New York Thruway Tolls, Usage, and You!

Monday, May 1

  1. Jess
    Mental Health Resources Available
  2. Jordan
    Urban Forest Resiliency Based on Predicted Climate Change Scenario
  3. Aibek
    Agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  4. Adil
    Exploring the link between corruption and economic development
  5. Yulia
    Analysis of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine
  6. Haruna
    Japan’s FTA Utilization Rate
  7. Alex
    Economic Development in Onondaga County
  8. Ashley
    Analysis of Minority Owned Business Contracting Dollars Across U.S. Federal Departments
  9. Aigul
    Gender Equality Exploration
  10. Chris
    Offshore Wind Efficiency
  11. Ana
    Socio-economic Dependency on Authoritarian State and Regime Preferences in Post-Communist Europe and Central Asia
  12. Margarita
    Evolution of drought intensity in the USA
  13. Siwei
    Xenophobia Watch NLP Analysis of Twitter Speech During COVID Outbreak
  14. Hiro
    Firearm Fatality in the US
  15. Samantha
    Violence Against Women and Proximity to the Public Transit System in Mexico City

Additional Projects

  1. Piper
    Alaska Rural Health
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