Policy Studies Program

Fall 2024 Advising and Registration

Here are instructions for fall registration, which begins Wednesday, April 3. There are sections below on courses offered, obtaining permission to add courses, advising appointments, and notes for graduating seniors. 

Please follow the directions carefully and take the necessary steps in a timely manner. Thanks!

Courses Offered:

A list of Policy Studies courses is available at https://bit.ly/pst-fa2024 and in the bio of the Policy Studies Instagram. Some courses have PST numbers and some have PAI but all count toward the major. There are new courses on environmental management (PAI 400.3) and sustainability (PAI 300.5 and PAI 300.6), and the sustainability course may be taken in person or online.

Obtaining Permission to Add Courses:

For courses requiring instructor permission, email the instructor. For courses requiring departmental permission, email Michelle Walker and be sure to include the section number if the course has multiple sections.


As indicated below, you should meet with either Professor Coplin or Michelle Walker depending on whether you’ve taken PST 315. There are also short notes for people currently studying abroad or planning to do so in the fall. Finally, everyone should also contact their Home College advisor.

If you have not taken PST 315:

Email Professor Coplin to schedule an advising appointment. Meetings will be held via Zoom, telephone or in-person. Email your preference and time you would like to meet. He is available to meet in his office or on Zoom at the times below, and can meet by appointment on weekends by Zoom.
  Zoom Office
Mondays 9-10:30 12:30-2:00
Tuesdays 1:30-4:30  
Wednesdays 9 to 10:30 12:30-2 and 3-4:30
Thursdays 1:30-4:30  
Fridays   9:00-10:30

If you have taken PST 315 or are taking PST 315 this semester:

Email Michelle Walker to schedule an in-person or zoom appointment. Beginning Tuesday March 19, Michelle will be available Tuesdays 1- 3:45, Wednesdays 9-11 & 1-3, and Thursdays 9-12 in 15-minute intervals.  You should email her to set up an in person visit or a zoom call. If none of those times work, you should email her to set up another time. Whenever you email Michelle, please include some days and times you're available. She will email you an open time slot.

If you have taken PST 315, do not make a registration appointment to see Coplin if you have not seen Michelle Walker. He will send you to talk to Michelle first.
If you are currently studying abroad:

Email either Professor Coplin or Michelle Walker depending on whether or not you have taken or are taking PST 315. It will probably be easiest to discuss your schedule by email but zoom is also available.
If you are planning to go abroad or to Maxwell in DC:

Many courses offered by SU Abroad centers and Maxwell in DC will count as Policy Studies electives as long as they are 300 level or above and have appropriate course prefixes. See the electives section of https://bit.ly/pst-rules for the list of prefixes.
If you plan to take an internship while you're abroad or in DC and are interested in having it count toward your PST 410 requirement, please see this FAQ page: https://bit.ly/pst-410away. It's possible but it must be approved in advance. It is not possible to count an internship done abroad toward 410 after the fact.

Notes for Graduating Seniors:

If you are graduating in Spring 2024:

You will receive a separate email certifying your major requirements.
If you are graduating in Fall 2024:

You must meet with Michelle Walker and your home college advisor this semester to make sure you have or will have fulfilled all necessary requirements for graduation. (we don’t want you to have any surprises!)
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