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Poster Session Schedule for Spring 2024

Here's the initial schedule for this year's presentations. You can swap times with someone else as long as they agree and you notify me by April 17 (a week before the first presentations).

Each presentation will be 4 minutes long, and there will be about 1 minute for switching speakers. There won't be time for questions, so treat it as a poster session where you tell people about the highlights of your project and they can ask you about the details later.

The finished version of this list will include titles and links to the GitHub repositories.

Wednesday, April 24

  1. Scott
    Charged by Location: Investigating the Spatial Relationship Between EVs and Charging Points in NY by Zip Code
  2. Debora
    Government AI Use in the US
  3. Haris
    Simulating the Distributional Impacts of Cap-and-Trade in California
  4. Joanna
    Solar Energy Potential and Disadvantaged Communities in NY
  5. Megan
    Disadvantaged Communities and Climate Change
  6. Armita
    Shining a Light on Egypt's Energy Future: Transitioning from Fossil Fuels to Solar Power
  7. Asha
  8. Raquel
    Climate Migration and Vulnerability in Puerto Rico
  9. Lexi
    Economic Accessibility or Exploitation? A Demographic Analysis of Dollar General Locations in New York
  10. Sean
    California's Fentanyl Problem
  11. Kyler
    Separatist Movements Effects on Their Countries
  12. Leah
    Examining Maternal Mortality through Hospital Accessibility
  13. Salahaldin
  14. Kimberley
    Sentiment analysis using NPL: News from Peru
  15. Liam
    Urban Migration: Tracking Urban Expansion in Virginia from 2008-2023

Monday, April 29

  1. Xiaohan
  2. Xu
    Region Merger in China
  3. Siobhan
    An Analysis of Older Adult Food Insecurity in NY State
  4. Shang
    An Analysis of SYRCityline Requests
  5. Yousaf
    Marvel Cinematic Universe Diversity
  6. Olivia
    An Analysis of Student-Teacher Parity and Student Outcomes in South Carolina
  7. Hailey
    Analysis of Incarceration in New York State
  8. Omer
    Orbital Debris Objects and Liability in Space
  9. Kuralay
    Analysis of the communication competencies of public servants in Kazakhstan
  10. Zhiming
    Analysis of gun violence victims in Chicago
  11. Mary
  12. Zac
    Understanding the Revolving Door: A Quantitative Analysis of Teacher Turnover in New York State
  13. Pat
    The Power of Proximity
  14. Bailey
    Who is Getting Pulled Over in NJ?
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