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Exhaustible and Recyclable Resources

These problems are mostly about fossil fuels or metals.
  1. Constant costs with a backstop resources
  2. Depletion with uncertain demand
  3. Exploration
  4. Exploration in a one period model
  5. Exploration in a two period model
  6. Extraction with increasing demand and a backstop
  7. Falling extraction costs due to new technology
  8. Fossil aquifer use
  9. Inefficiency of common property
  10. Oil, technology, and ANWR
  11. Rising demand with constant costs

Advanced Problems

The following problems have marginal extraction costs that rise with the amount of the resource extracted. This material is generally not covered in ECN 410.
  1. Allocating multiple grades over 5 periods
  2. Increasing costs and recycling
  3. Infinite future periods
  4. Recycling bottles
  5. Rising demand
  6. Rising extraction costs and recycling
  7. Rising extraction costs, recycling and externalities
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