MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Resources on Writing an Op Ed

Links to a few very good resources on how to write an Op Ed.

Start Here

Tips for Writing a Good Op-Ed
Outline from class.
Op Ed Basics
An excellent overview from the Op Ed Project. Definitely the place to start.

Advice from Other Sources

New York Times
An article about what the editors at the Times look for when deciding whether to publish an Op Ed.
Kennedy School of Government
A concise guide from the Communication Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. Also includes links to additional resources.
Smith College News Office
Very concise.

A Few Examples from Bill Coplin and Pete Wilcoxen

Coplin 1
"For new graduates, 'soft skills' are the secret weapon in job hunt," USA Today.
Coplin 2
"Grade inflation works for today's students," USA Today.
Wilcoxen 1
"Time for a price collar on carbon,"
Wilcoxen 2
"China’s carbon tax highlights the need for a new track of climate talks," East Asia Forum
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