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MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Note: this information was for Fall 2022

General Information About the Course

Office hours, course description, learning objectives, grading, and other information.
Upcoming class schedules
Approximate schedules for the next few class meetings. These will change from week to week so be sure to check for updates periodically.


Oct 31 Office hours on Monday 10/31 will be 3:30-5:00 
Sep 1 Welcome! 


Except as noted, all assignments should be submitted via your private channel in Teams by 11:59 pm on Wednesdays.

Teams Updates Due each week before class. 
Pod Updates Due each week during or later that day. 
Engagement Log Due each week before class. 
Preliminary Executive Summary Due Wed 9/14. 
Specific Problem and Population Due Wed 9/21. 
Community Context Due Wed 9/28. 
Implementing Organization Due Wed 10/12. 
Research Review Due Wed 10/19. 
Op-Ed Essay Due Wed 11/2. 
Implementation Plan Due Wed 11/9. 
Evaluation and Sustainability Due Wed 11/16. 
Draft Public Presentation Due Wed 11/30. 
Public Presentation Due Wed 12/7. 
Final Report Due Fri 12/16. 


Components of Action Plans
A quick overview of action plan components and plan types.
Excel Certification
Maxwell and Arts and Sciences sponsor a free Excel Certification program.
Resources on Writing an Op Ed
Links to a few very good resources on how to write an Op Ed.
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