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Research Review

Due 10/18.

Please set up your research review as shown below, including the section headings. Use single spacing. As before, don’t include the instructions that follow the headings. Please note there are two sections: the first is for general sources and the second is for sources and information that are specific to the location and population you’re addressing. 

General literature

In this section, please prepare an annotated bibliography of research relevant for your project. You should have at least 12 sources total. For each source, please include its full bibliographic citation (replacing the text below that says "Bibliographic entry 1" etc.) and then include an annotation of about a paragraph or so explaining the article’s main point. Be sure to include a mix of sources addressing: (1) the broad underlying social problem; and (2) actions that have been proposed or enacted to address it. This section is for the general literature; please put sources specific to your location and population in the second section.

  1. Bibliographic entry
    Summary paragraph
  2. Bibliographic entry 2
    Summary paragraph

Specific literature and evidence

In this section, please provide data sources or other evidence on the specific problem and population you’re addressing. Entries can include: (1) books or articles, as in the previous section; (2) data from the census or other government sources, or data collected by non-profits or the private sector; or (3) data you collect yourself via surveys or interviews. No specific number of entries is required; rather, be sure you have enough to be able to clearly describe the scope and severity of the problem.

  1. Data source or bibliography entry 1
    Summary paragraph
  2. Data source or bibliography entry 2
    Summary paragraph
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