MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Upcoming class schedules

Approximate schedules for classes in the next few weeks. The tables break each class down into four or five sessions. The "who" column indicates who needs to be in class during each session.

Please be sure to be in class during your pod's time and also during any full-class sessions labeled "everyone". It's OK to be in class during the other pods but it's not required: you can leave until your pod starts, or leave for the day after it's done. If there isn't an "everyone" session, you can wait to come to class until your pod's time.

Week 12,Apr 22

Full class session for the full time. Due on Wednesday: Draft Public Presentation.

Session Who Time
Practice Presentations

Week 13, Apr 29

Full class session for public presentations. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early so we can begin at 9:30 sharp. Due on Wednesday: Public Presentation.

Session Who Time
Public Presentations
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