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Meeting times for this week

Approximate times of individual meetings for the current week. They will usually be set right at the end of the group session, so look for them then. It's a good idea to hit refresh to make sure you get the up to date list. Also, you'll sometimes see "Catch up" listed for a time slot. That's there to give me time to get back on schedule if one of the earlier meetings runs over. Finally, if you and someone else want to swap, that's fine: just show up at each other's times. You don't need to let me know in advance.

Sep 25
9:45 Madison
9:54 Jake
10:03 Lia
10:12 Ava
10:21 Hailey
10:30 Catch up
10:39 Hanna
10:48 Kate
10:57 Romane
11:06 Miranda
11:15 Hannah
11:24 Catch up
11:33 Lilly
11:42 Sophia
11:51 Rebecca
12:00 Dana
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