MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Evaluation and Sustainability

Due Wednesday 4/13 by 11:59 pm.

Please edit the evaluation and sustainability template in your channel in Teams to provide documentation on how your action will be evaluated and who will be responsible for continuing to carry it out in the future. Here are the sections in the template and instructions on how to fill them out.


Indicate who will be responsible for evaluating the first implementation of your plan. It can be you if you'll be carrying out the plan but if someone else will be carrying out the plan after you leave, please indicate the specific individual who will be responsible.

Evaluation date

Indicate when the program will be evaluated. It can be relative to a program milestone, such as "two weeks after the workshop was held".

Evaluation method

How will the program be evaluated? A formal statistical test is not required if that isn't feasible or appropriate. However, the evaluation should still provide a solid basis for someone in the future to decide whether to carry out the action again. Some things to consider are whether there is evidence that the program was effective at achieving its goals and how that efficacy compares to the resources it required. A program that is hard to evaluate because it creates small or uncertain benefits may be fine if it has small costs, but if the costs are large there will need to be evidence of larger and fairly certain benefits.

Decision maker

Identify the individual(s) who will make the decision about whether to carry out the project again. That is, who will receive and use the results of the evaluation?

Continuing organizer

Identify a specific individual, or the occupant of a specific position within your partner organization, who will be responsible for succeeding you as the organizer of the action if the decision maker decides to go ahead. It should be the person in charge of making sure the action happens.

Continuing source of funds and materials

Indicate where the organizer will obtain the funding and materials needed to carry out the action.

Proposed frequency of implemetation

How often will the project be carried out? Does it operate continuously, happen once a semester, or at some other frequency?

Tentative start of next implementation

When should the next organizer begin working on the next implementation? You don't need a precise data but please indicate the the month and year.

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