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Final Report

Please submit a final report on your project following the structure below. Please begin each section a new page. Number the pages and be sure the document is professional quality: it should be nicely formatted, clear and well-written, and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

Title Page with Abstract

The first page should consist of a descriptive title, your name, the date, the name of the CCE program, and a one-paragraph single-spaced abstract that briefly describes the project including the problem, the organization, and the action you proposed. The abstract can be very concise but it should be clear enough that it would be comprehensible to a person reading through a list of abstracts.

1. Assessment of the Problem and Population

This section should consist of an updated version of your earlier assessment of the problem and population.  If your project changed substantially, please prepare a new version appropriate for your actual project. The sources of all data you use should be cited and included in your "research review" or "data collected" section(s).

2. Research Review

This section should consist of your earlier research review.  Update it with any new information you collected after it was due, especially if you changed topics during the semester.

3. Assessment of Organization

This section should consist of your earlier assessment of the organization.  If you changed organizations, please replace your original assessment with one for the new organization.

4. Description of Action

This should consist of your detailed plan for the action, with updates for any subsequent changes.

5. Opinion Essay

This should consist of a polished version of your op-ed. It should include the target outlet and the word count.

6. Reflections on Developing Your Project

This section will be new material. In two pages or less, please reflect on the course of your project over the semester.  How did the project evolve?  Did the broad problem change?  Did the specific target population change?  Did the organization change?  Did the action change?  If so, what drove those changes?  In retrospect, what would you have done differently?

7. Expanding Your Project's Scope

This section will be new material. In three pages or less, discuss how your project, which focuses on a specific problem for a particular population and geographic area, could be expanded in order to do more to address the broader social problem that motivated it. For example, could it be transplanted to other communities? If so, what are some specific locations and why would they be good candidates? Alternatively, could it be expanded to reach more people in its current community? If so, which groups in particular and why? Finally, what are the first steps someone would need to take to initiate the expansion? That is, what groundwork would they need to do before they could initiate the plan you describe in section 4?

8. Data Collected

Please include this section if you collected new data for your project; otherwise, omit it. Provide any original data you collected for your project (e.g., from surveys or interviews).  Document it appropriately so that it could be understood and used by a subsequent researcher.

9. Public Presentation

Please include your finished public presentation. If possible, put 6 slides to a page and merge it into a single PDF with the other sections.

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