MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Final Report

Due Monday 5/9 by 11:59 pm.

Please submit a final report on your project following the instructions below. Please keep in mind that it may be circulated to future CCE students or other people interested in your project, so it's important that it be clear, well-written, and aimed at a fairly broad audience. Please submit the report as a PDF via your channel in Teams.


Please set up the document as follows:

  1. Begin each section on a new page and use the indicated section title.
  2. Number the pages.
  3. Be sure the document is professional quality: it should be nicely formatted, clear and well-written, and free from spelling and grammatical errors.


The sections below should be updated versions of the drafts you submitted earlier in the semester: they should have the same structure and section headings as in the earlier assignments but the text should be updated to reflect the project as it was actually carried out.

Title Page with Abstract

The first page should consist of a descriptive title, your name, the date, the name of the CCE program, and a one-paragraph single-spaced abstract that briefly describes the project including the problem, the organization, and the action you proposed. The abstract can be very concise but it should be clear enough that it would be comprehensible to a person reading through a list of abstracts.

Executive Summary

Updated from draft assignment

1. Specific Problem and Population

Updated from draft assignment

2. Community Context

Updated from draft assignment

3. Implementing Organization

Updated from draft assignment

4. Research Review

Updated from draft assignment

5. Opinion Essay

Updated from draft assignment

6. Implementation Plan

Updated from draft assignment

7. Evaluation and Sustainability

Updated from draft assignment

8. Engagement Log

Complete set of entries for the semester. Include enough detail that someone else would have a reasonably clear picture about how you engaged with the community.

9. Data Collected (optional)

Please include a data collection section if you collected new data for your project; otherwise, omit it. Provide any original data you collected for your project (e.g., from surveys or interviews). Document it appropriately so that it could be understood and used by a subsequent researcher.

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