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Community Context

Due Fri 3/12.

Please fill in the community context template in your channel on Teams. It has the two sections described below.

Relevant organizations

This section consists of a table for listing organizations that are relevant to your project (more on that below). It has two columns: "name" and "description". In the name column please put the name that people in the community usually use for the organization (which might differ from its full legal name). In the description column please provide a brief overview of the organization in general and then discuss what makes it relevant for your project. As a rough rule of thumb, the description should be a short paragraph or two (not just a single line) and the row of the table will expand accordingly.

Please list at least 5 organizations but no more than 8. If there are more than 8 in the community, please list the 8 that are most relevant for your project. Also, please keep in mind that the task is to list organizations that are relevant. That's deliberately broad: even if there aren't any organizations in the community doing exactly what you have in mind, there will be at least 5 that are working on a related topic, or in the same geographic area, or with your target demographic.

Interactions between organizations

In this section provide a paragraph or two discussing how the organizations above interact. Roughly speaking, the goal is to discuss the social network linking the organizations. Which collaborate on projects? Which tend to compete? Are some widely regarded as leaders on your topic? Do they have overlapping directors or staff? Are there any other important interactions that might be relevant?

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