MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Implementation Plan

Due Wednesday 4/6 by 11:59 pm.

Please edit the implementation plan template in your channel in Teams to provide documentation on what someone would need to do to carry out the action at the heart of your Action Plan. Here are the sections in the template and instructions on how to fill them out.


This should be a very short overview of the action: about a paragraph or so. It should allow someone unfamiliar with your project to understand what it's about. It should briefly say what's being done and why, and which organizations are carrying it out.

Participants and roles

This section consists of a table with two columns: individuals and roles. All of the key players who would be needed to carry out your action should be listed (not including the people in the target population). They should be individuals rather than whole organizations: either specific people identified by name or, if the actual person isn't known, the title of the particular position in your implementing organization that would be occupied by the person involved (e.g., the director of a particular program). If the person is part of an organization, please indicate the organization and their position in it after their name in the "individuals" column. An exception to the guideline about identifying individuals is volunteers that would be recruited as part of the project, such as tutors or mentors. In that case, indicate the number that would be needed and the population from which they'd be recruited (e.g., ten volunteers from organization X). The roles column should briefly indicate their roles in your project (not in their organization). Examples of roles are: lead fundraiser, presenter, mentor, participant recruiter, and so on.


Briefly describe any physical or electronic materials that would need to be prepared or updated before delivering your program. If your activity involves food or refreshments for the participants indicate that here as well.


Briefly describe the timeline for implementing the action. For example, roughly when during the year should the program recruit participants? When does fundraising need to occur? When will the program actually be delivered or carried out? How often will it occur? This section should provide a big-picture view of the timing: save the nitty-gritty details for the next section.

Detailed description

Finally, please write out a detailed, step by step description of how to implement the action. It should link together the participants and timing sections to indicate who should act and when, and then provide details about what they should do. Provide enough detail so that someone other than you could carry out the action based only on the description you're providing here plus any materials discussed in the next section. To be clear, this section should be a complete set of instructions for repeating what you and your partner organization did (or will do) to carry out the actual intervention. It should not be a description of how you developed the intervention in the first place. For example, if your project was to enlist campus organization X to run a mentoring program for kids at school Y, you'd explain how the mentoring program should run (recruiting tutors, recruiting students, number of meetings, etc.), and not discuss what you did to get organization X and school Y involved in the first place.

List of documents

If you prepared any documents that were (or will be) used as part of your action, such as flyers, handouts, manuals, and so on, please include a list describing them briefly here. Don't include the documents themselves: they'll be included in PDF form in the finished report at the end of the semester. If the documents will need to be revised in the future to stay up to date, please indicate how often that will be needed and who among your list of participants should be responsible for the updates.

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