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Assessment of Organization

Due 9/27.

Please prepare a concise document discussing the main organization you plan to enlist to help you carry out your project. Follow the format below, including the section headings but omitting the instructions below the headings.


What is the organization’s mission? Please draw on its own mission statement or similar document: don’t just write down what its mission appears to be. However, it’s OK to paraphrase: you don’t need to include the exact text of the statement.


This section should be a clear, succinct description of the organization that would convey its basic nature to someone unfamiliar with it. Be sure to address the following questions. How long has the organization been in operation? Is it a non-profit, government agency, private sector firm, or something else?  Is it part of a broader organization (e.g., a local branch of a national organization)? Who runs the organization on a day to day basis? Is that a full time, part time, or volunteer position? To whom is that person responsible: a board of directors? Where does it get its funding?


This section should discuss the size of the organization along several dimensions. How large is it in terms of personnel? (The local component if it’s part of a broader organization.)  Are most of the personnel professionals or volunteers? How large is it in terms of projects undertaken or caseloads of clients? How large it its overall budget? If possible, how large it the part of the budget that's relevant for your project? Based on past experience, you will almost certainly need to ask someone in the organization about the budget: that is seldom on the web .


What individual is your initial contact with the organization? What is that person’s role in the organization? Why do they seem like the right place to start?


This section is option but please feel free to include it if there are other important aspects of the organization beyond the items above.

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