MAX 401 Civic Engagement Action Plan Workshop

Implementing Organization

Due Wednesday 3/9 by 11:59 pm.

Please edit the implementing organization template in your channel in Teams to briefly describe the organization that will (or you hope will) implement your action. It can be pretty concise but less than a full page is probably too terse or too shallow. Aim for something between 1 and 2 single-spaced pages.

Name and location

Please give the name of the organization and indicate where it is located and operates. Give the location in terms of neighborhoods and political jurisdictions rather than a street address. Try to be relatively fine-grained on geography: if the organization operates mostly in the Southside, say that rather than just saying the City of Syracuse.


What is the organization’s mission? Please draw on its own mission statement or similar document: don’t just write down what its mission appears to be. However, it’s OK to paraphrase: you don’t need to include the exact text of the statement.

Structure and size

This section should be a clear, succinct description of the organization that would convey its basic nature to someone unfamiliar with it. Here are some kinds of questions to address:

Why appropriate

Briefly discuss why this organization is appropriate for implementing your action. How does your action align with the organization's other activities and priorities? Does it have the budget and staff available to sustain the action without having it be a significant burden? Finally, if you've already been in touch with the organization, please discuss its level of interest and support.

Potential contacts

What individual(s) are you working with, or planning to work with, in the organization? What are those people's roles in the organization? Why are they the right collaborators for your project?

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