PAI 789 Advanced Policy Analysis

Software Packages

Download links for key software packages used throughout the semester.

Core Applications

These applications will be used all semester and will be installed during the first week of class.

Visual Studio Code Text Editor
Download page. If you already have Atom and like it you can use that instead.
GitHub Desktop
Download page
Anaconda Python Distribution
Download page. Please choose the version for Python 3.9 or later.
Download page. Slack is technically optional but it's very, very handy if you want to ask quick questions about code.

GIS Software

We'll use these during the last third of the semester or so. You can wait to install them until then.

QGIS Open Source GIS Application
Information about downloading.
How to install the Python geopandas module

Optional Software

These packages are not required but handy in particular circumstances. Postman will be discussed in class.

Postman API Client
The client app is free but requires setting up an account.
Git for the Command Line
Information about installing. Only needed if you want to use VS Code's git support.
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