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Nov 6

Preliminary Program for Final Presentations

Here is the tentative schedule. All of the sessions are 10 minutes long except Ava and Hailey's, which is 20 minutes. The presentation itself should be about 7-8 minutes or so to allow 2-3 minutes for questions and transitions. You can give your presentation in person or remotely via screen sharing but you need to let me know in advance which it will be.

Miranda Nemeth
  No title provided
  Lead questions: Hannah G, Ava
9:40 Rebecca Bressler
  "Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central New York"
  Lead questions: Miranda, Hanna M
9:50 Ava Cohn and Hailey Schector
  “Behind the Screens: The Pandemic's Effect On Child Abuse and Trafficking”
  Lead questions: Kate, Romane, Sophia, Madison
10:10 Kate Christie

“Understanding ‘Ubuntu’: Improving Syracuse New Americans’ Writing Through Cross-Cultural Engagement”
  Lead questions: Dana, Hailey
10:20 Madison Kovach
  "Utilizing Campus Technology to Benefit Health and Well-being"
  Lead questions: Lia, Miranda
10:30 Sophia Carbone
  "Overcoming Obstacles: Ensuring Equal Access to Voting for New Americans"
  Lead questions: Hailey, Hannah G
10:40 Break
10:50 Lia Chabot
  “Building a Residential Vacancy Prediction Model for the City of Syracuse”
  Lead questions: Ava, Jake
11:00 Hannah Goldberg
  No title provided
  Lead questions: Madison, Lilly
11:10 Lilly Umana
  No title provided
  Lead questions: Hanna M, Lia
11:20 Romane Gutenbrunner
  No title provided
  Lead questions: Lilly, Rebecca
11:30 Hanna Martin
  “Sharing Our Stories: Disability in Campus Media”
  Lead questions: Jake, Kate
11:40 Dana Lustig
  No title provided
  Lead questions: Rebecca, Romane
11:50 Jacob Waldron
  “The Dean's Team: An Updated Plan for Training”
  Lead questions: Sophia, Dana
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