Policy Studies Program

Requirements for the Minor

A minor in Policy Studies requires 18 credits: 9 in core courses and 9 in electives. Please note that it is granted after all coursework has been completed. A Petition to the Faculty form should be written listing completed courses that count towards the minor.

In general, we strongly recommend that you try to fit the major into your academic plans rather than the minor. If you are undecided between the minor and the major, contact Professor Wilcoxen at wilcoxen@syr.edu or Michelle Walker at mawalker@syr.edu or come to Eggers 225 to make an appointment.

Once you have decided on the minor, Michelle Walker will be your advisor

Core Courses

The core of the minor is 3 courses totaling 9 credits. The first course to take is PST 101: it's the foundation of both the major and the minor. 


The minor requires 9 credits in courses numbered 300 or above. The eligible electives are the same as those for the major on the Requirements for the Major page.

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