Policy Studies Program

Requirements for the Major

Important Note

The rules vary depending on when you started at SU:

2022-23 or later: see the rules below
2021-22 see Requirements from the 2021-22 Catalog
Before 2021-22: see Requirements Prior to the Fall of 2021

Core Courses

The core of the major is 7 courses totaling 21 credits. The first course to take is PST 101: it's the foundation of the major. As noted below, PST 110 is also strongly recommended and can be taken at the same time as PST 101. In addition to PST 101, it's good to take MAX 123 and MAX 201 as early as possible. Both PST 101 and MAX 201 (and preferably PST 110) should be taken before PST 315, and PST 315 should be taken before PST 410. To plan the remaining courses, check with the PST office.

Recommended Course

In addition to the courses above, it is strongly recommended that Policy Studies majors take an additional 1-credit community service course prior to taking PST 315. It can be taken at the same time as PST 101:


In addition to the course courses, Policy Studies students must take 3 elective courses numbered 300 or above from the subjects with course prefixes listed below. At least one of the three must be a PST or PAI course, indicated by (*), which are offered by the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs.

Prefix Department or Program School
AAS African American Studies
ANT Anthropology A&S/MAX
COM Communications Newhouse
CRS Communications and Rhetorical Studies
ECN Economics A&S/MAX
EEE Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises
ESP Environment, Sustainability, and Policy A&S/MAX
FST Food Studies
GEO Geography A&S/MAX
HST History
IRP International Relations A&S/MAX
IST Information Studies
LPP Law and Public Policy
MAX Maxwell A&S/MAX
NSD Nutrition Science and Dietetics
PAI (*) Public Administration and International Affairs A&S/MAX
PHP Public Health
PSC Political Science A&S/MAX
PST (*) Policy Studies
SAL Sport Analytics
SOC Sociology A&S/MAX
SWK Social Work
WGS Women's and Gender Studies A&S
WRT Writing and Rhetoric
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