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Quick GIS Workshop

Fall 2018


Dec 5 Today's meeting will be the last for the semester. 
Nov 29 The Stata do file from this week's session is available here. An illustration of projections is here
Nov 27 This week's meeting will be in the PAIA conference room: 209 Eggers. 
Nov 12 This week's meeting will again be in the PAIA conference room: 209 Eggers. 
Nov 7 There's now a "things to try" section below with some optional exercises you can do to explore the software. 
Nov 6 On November 7 we'll meet in the PAIA conference room, 209 Eggers. 
Oct 30 Subject to room availability, the workshop will be on Wednesdays 5:00-6:20 starting on November 7. 

Topics by Session

Things to Try

1. Map median income in New York by county  
2. Map median income in New York by tract  
3. Map 2016 contributions to political parties in Michigan by zip code  
4. Map 2016 contributions presidential candidates by zip code  
5. Determine the mean assessed value of homes near interstates in Buffalo  
6. Extend the analysis from 5 to include three buffers around the interstates  
7. Build a map of economic vulnerabilities and flood risk for Nassau County  

General Information

QuickGIS Mailing List
How to subscribe or unsubscribe.
Google Drive
How to use your Google Apps at SU account.
Software Packages
Information about software that will be used and where it can be downloaded.
Comparison of Projections
Discussed November 28th.

Web Resources

Census Hierarchy of Geographic Entities
Diagram showing the relationships between different tracts, block groups, etc.
Code Academy's Learn Python Course
A very good introduction using Python 2.7. Switching to Python 3 later is easy.
UTM Zones
Locations of Universal Transverse Mercator zones.

Data Sources

Census Cartographic Boundary Shape Files
These files have somewhat less detail than the main TIGER files. They take up less disk space and are easier to work with, and are suitable for thematic maps of large areas.
Census Data API
Documentation for API access to several data sets.
Census TIGER/Line files
GIS data from the US Census.
Census TIGER/Line Shapefile Documentation
Information about the fields in the attribute tables of the files.
Federal Election Commission
Data on political contributions
FEMA Flood Map Service Center
Find flood maps by using the "Search All Products" tool and selecting "NFHL Data-County"
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